The Exiled

Seems the Woods are Dangerous at night

Ogre cave

  • Ogre baby, Chuck is born with help of Varajsha’s midwife kit. Orn is totally against, but Chebbel and Varajsha prevail in keeping the ‘innocent’ baby alive
  • Two wagons lay outside, one filled with bodies and the other overturned containing nice wooden furniture, some spears, lances, etc.
  • Deduced to be missing caravan from Skelt
  • Inside of cave is nauseating for some. Filled with bodies hanging from ceiling and piles of horse meat. Back corner holds piles of fin furs covered in muck, shit, and gore and three barrels of wine (one broken open and half drunk/spilt).
  • While Varajsha and Harmut play/feed Chuck outside, Orn and Chebbel scour the cave and find some useful items. Zola cannot take the cave and is nauseated nearby trying to get her wits about her.
  • Party sets up pyre of wagon with Blufton and caravan bodies while Chebbel rides east towards farm Tena mentioned.
  • Chebbel finds local farm inhabitants, Ralph Steadman, his 13 year old son and wife, living a few miles to the east the Ogre cave. Tries to get them to care for Chuck, they refuse, but mention they’ll check on him and the goods meant for Kraggodan. He tells them pretty much everything. Peacock of light!
    (@wip Elaborate on baby, chebbel, kraggodan, harmut dynamic)
  • Party heads north and leaves Harmut to care for baby

Bugbears versus Grizzlies, oh my

  • Orn hears pained howling/growling in the night on his watch
  • Party wakes and moves quietly through trees and rocks deeper into woods to investigate.
  • Find bugbears torturing a massive grizzly bear. Two hold its arms outstretched with ropes as two others use daggers to flay its hair and skin.
  • Intense fight follows, when captain of bugbears moves to initiate, a grizzly cub is seen in his hand. He was apparently holding it down and making it watch as its mother was flayed alive.
  • Grizzly takes multiple morningstars to the head and drops. Cub, who ran to its mothers side, is put to sleep by Varajsha’s spell.
  • Party wins and Zola takes in cub.

Steadman v.2.0

  • Continue north along footpath most of next day. Come to river and see farm to east and figure its one of the Steadman brothers Ralph spoke of. House is empty and signs of struggle look fresh.
  • Party follows tracks into mountains and along river.
  • Follow off-shoot, hard moving, 1/2 mile in hear waterfall and see massive pool of water.
  • See strange smudged handprints on rocks that appear to have been placed along waters edge. Zola sees something in depths.
  • Find cave entrance behind falls and see small humanoids swaying and chanting. Woman lies upon altar.
  • FIGHT! Giant tentacles erupt from water over altar and smash woman. Party avoids water. Easy win against crazy Derro, except moments of confusion where Chebbel stabs children in net at back of cave.


gubs gubs

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