The Exiled

Path to Shundar Quah


  • Stepping outside the cave reveals the same bloody handprint symbol on rocks not only around the lakes rocks, but also up the wall behind
  • Zola and Chebbel climb up to find a vantage point where Zola somehow makes out a ‘manmade’ structure on SE face of peak far off in the distance. Both also notice a storm approaching from the NW behind the 3 peaks across the river.
  • Investigate river and broken bridge. Using multiple ropes, incl animated rope, party seeks to cross, but Orn cannot bear bringing Tommy & Shae, the orphaned children found in Derro cave, with them to probable death.


  • Spend night near bank of river and hustle back to orphans farm and then on south to where they say their uncle lives. Takes nearly whole day but they reach the farmstead and are shown some food and courtesies, albeit saddening with the news of death in the family.


  • Hightail back to cave only to see all the dead Derro bodies are gone and have been dragged into hole in cavern floor at back
  • Decide to venture down into hole to see if there is an easy way under the river
  • Thanks to Zola, party manages to dungeoneer in what feels like the right direction for maybe 5 hours. Maybe pits and turns are passed until one leading slightly up is followed.
  • Party comes upon a Kobold warren. The numbers are against them, but having found a secret entrance and holding off the initial attack, all get into warren and chase off those lucky enough to survive.
  • One kobold is caught and used to navigate to surface.
  • Nearing midnight when finally reach fresh air and the tail-end of a storm is blowing.
  • Party attempts to camp, but from the long day and unfamiliar ground so late, they are drenched and fatigued come morning.

DAY 10

  • With help of Tena, party positions themselves on south of mountain and decide to approach from SE to find the structure Zola saw.
  • A half-day journey places them at the base of a sheer face which appears to have structure atop it.
  • Using the animated rope, climbing gear, and sheer muscle power, the team climbs and pulls everyone up almost 150 feet. There, a rudmentary stair system is found, but after some near falls, found to be too harrowing, and climbing is resumed.
  • The altitude starts taking a toll on all and climbing the last 100 feet is almost too much, but they prevail and reach the structure.
  • A lone robed individual sits lotus style gazing up when the panting pull themselves up to the platform. He has a shaved head, multiple visible tattoos all consisting of dots and lines. He stands, bows slightly, and beckons them to follow him up the path and steps towards the summit.
Seems the Woods are Dangerous at night

Ogre cave

  • Ogre baby, Chuck is born with help of Varajsha’s midwife kit. Orn is totally against, but Chebbel and Varajsha prevail in keeping the ‘innocent’ baby alive
  • Two wagons lay outside, one filled with bodies and the other overturned containing nice wooden furniture, some spears, lances, etc.
  • Deduced to be missing caravan from Skelt
  • Inside of cave is nauseating for some. Filled with bodies hanging from ceiling and piles of horse meat. Back corner holds piles of fin furs covered in muck, shit, and gore and three barrels of wine (one broken open and half drunk/spilt).
  • While Varajsha and Harmut play/feed Chuck outside, Orn and Chebbel scour the cave and find some useful items. Zola cannot take the cave and is nauseated nearby trying to get her wits about her.
  • Party sets up pyre of wagon with Blufton and caravan bodies while Chebbel rides east towards farm Tena mentioned.
  • Chebbel finds local farm inhabitants, Ralph Steadman, his 13 year old son and wife, living a few miles to the east the Ogre cave. Tries to get them to care for Chuck, they refuse, but mention they’ll check on him and the goods meant for Kraggodan. He tells them pretty much everything. Peacock of light!
    (@wip Elaborate on baby, chebbel, kraggodan, harmut dynamic)
  • Party heads north and leaves Harmut to care for baby

Bugbears versus Grizzlies, oh my

  • Orn hears pained howling/growling in the night on his watch
  • Party wakes and moves quietly through trees and rocks deeper into woods to investigate.
  • Find bugbears torturing a massive grizzly bear. Two hold its arms outstretched with ropes as two others use daggers to flay its hair and skin.
  • Intense fight follows, when captain of bugbears moves to initiate, a grizzly cub is seen in his hand. He was apparently holding it down and making it watch as its mother was flayed alive.
  • Grizzly takes multiple morningstars to the head and drops. Cub, who ran to its mothers side, is put to sleep by Varajsha’s spell.
  • Party wins and Zola takes in cub.

Steadman v.2.0

  • Continue north along footpath most of next day. Come to river and see farm to east and figure its one of the Steadman brothers Ralph spoke of. House is empty and signs of struggle look fresh.
  • Party follows tracks into mountains and along river.
  • Follow off-shoot, hard moving, 1/2 mile in hear waterfall and see massive pool of water.
  • See strange smudged handprints on rocks that appear to have been placed along waters edge. Zola sees something in depths.
  • Find cave entrance behind falls and see small humanoids swaying and chanting. Woman lies upon altar.
  • FIGHT! Giant tentacles erupt from water over altar and smash woman. Party avoids water. Easy win against crazy Derro, except moments of confusion where Chebbel stabs children in net at back of cave.
Into the Mindspin


  • Camp breaks, Lyrun Quah head north and party travels half the day to gates of Kraggodan.
  • Welcomed at gate as caravan but quickly seen to be adventurers.
  • Negotiate down day pass into city
  • Varajsha immediately uncomfortable by confining vaults and mostly underground city
  • Meet Kyrun, a city guard, who hits on Zola constantly.
  • Informs party of Temple to Torag and Society Hall

Temple of Torag

  • Priest speaks with party briefly about:
    • with trade route now open thru the Bloodsworn Vale, Skelt doesn’t trade as much
    • Most recent caravan never arrived and the city is crumbling due to slovens
    • 3rd prince Gregor, a member of the Pathfinder Society, can probably be found recounting his old adventures at the Society Hall
  • Party is blessed by priest

Society Hall

  • Enter great hall with countless tables and chairs and beer flowing freely
  • Patroness points out Gregor who is an incredibly fat but solid dwarf standing atop a table telling a joke.
  • Party approaches raucous, sees many other dwarves enjoying Gregors tale and a lone human sitting next to him
  • Easily befriend Gregor with tales of adventuring. He really wants team to join Society, but they describe time-crunch and urgent need of equipment
  • Chebbel manages to get Gregor to elaborate on an off-hand comment he made and learns that the 2nd Prince was recently robbed and a servant saw a black clad figure literally jump out of a tower window and “float” down along the exterior wall into the dark mist below
  • An ornate dagger was stolen that was thought to be a relic of the Dark Lands.
  • Team recognizes similarity between desciptions
  • Call over merchant and party follows him to his shop and buys climbing gear and warm equipment. Varajsha also purchases a midwifery kit.
  • Return to hall. Gregor is now truly inebriated. Kyrun is there but deflated by Zola’s wit and knife. She is interested in the human sitting near Gregor.
  • He’s a shady and strange man who calls himself the Shadow and seeks entrance to the Dark Lands, but the city has shut the gates due to recent attacks by dark things.
  • Very strange that anything would be near those gates
  • Chebbel mentions stolen dagger and Shadow, intrigued, immediately leaves
  • Party stays the night and departs for the northern pass early the next day
  • Stop at Gregors tower, find him very hung over but still congenial

Road north

  • Two days north the party finds the remains of Blufton. City has been ravaged. Blood and guts lie everywhere, but no bodies are to be found
  • Easily track ogre prints and blood towards mountain range and find cave
  • Out front are two ogres playing with bodies. One throws, the other swings a tree trunk, hideous laughter follows.
  • Team prepares for battle and efficiently draws in and defeats the large foe.
  • A pregnant female ogre rushes out of the cave hearing the fight, but with her brother lovers near death, she also falls to the party’s blows.
Hit the road

Before leaving Canorate

  • Shown to Imperial Armory and allowed one item a piece in preparation for the journey
  • Stop at Temple of Abadar to speak with priest about the Shoanti clans
  • He is quite helpful and tells them of the 7 known Shoanti clans:
    • Skoan-Quah, the Skull Clan, which Allanon believes to be the assassins from Zola’s description, were thought to have been killed off at the Bloodsworn Vale in bloodiest battle of Everwar;
    • Shadde-Quah, the Axe Clan, are a proud, sea-faring peoples who settled upon the cliffs and vales of the Calphiak Mountains in western Varisia.
    • Shundar-Quah, the Spire Clan, reside upon the highest peak of the Mindspin Mountains and are known to be diplomats, especially between other clans;
    • Lyrune-Quah, the Moon Clan, not much is known other than nomadic peoples and rumored amazing archers
    • Shriikirri-Quah, the Hawk Clan, possesses the strongest animal affinity. Ever learning from the beast with whom they share the land, the Hawk Clan is perhaps the most peaceful of the quahs, and they serve as the emissaries between their people and the Chelaxians in the south
    • Sklar-Quah, the Sun Clan, are by far the most xenophobic of the Shoanti clans, the fierce members of the are almost constantly at war. Whether they fend off the orcs from Belkzen or the Chelish invaders of the south, the Sun Clan has learned to use the heat and fire of the Cinderlands as much as a weapon as it is a hardship for themselves
    • Tamiir-Quah, the Wind Clan, are among the most territorial of the Shoanti people. They make thei home in the mountains of northern Varisia, and may the gods help anyone who threatens these areas

On the road

  • Easy travel north the first two days
  • A badly placed camp on the second night brings Tengu bandits, easily defeated
  • Party reaches a small fairly lawless trading town, simply called the Crossroads, early the next day
  • Chebbel seeks out a lawman and finds a sleeping badged man next to some cages who appears to be out cold
  • Varajsha, remembering the town, recommends they head to the Arrogant Bastard, a rowdy casino/bar/inn
  • Meet Bart the barkeep
  • Learns they came up from Canorate and mentions he heard Teldas was murdered by living skeletons
  • Chebbel begins to tell him about what really happened and Varajsha cuts him off
  • Orn & Zola try to find out where they can sell the Tengu gear and negotiate an okay price
  • Varajsha lies about being hired by Thelau to protect establishment for better sale
  • Bart sends his assistant Levi to ask Thelau and Varajsha takes off running
  • Orn and Zola follow
  • Chebbel stays behind to gather more info
    • learns about dragons to the west
  • Chebbel and Harmut meet goatherd on way out of town and get more info
  • Party seeks out giant lizards, finds, and dispatches
  • Cross Inkwater River right around dusk and see 3 figures atop a hill to the north
  • They appear to have horns and hold bows and spears at their sides
  • Party waves and 3 figures raise hands and sprint towards party
  • Wearing animal skulls as helmets and bones as armor
  • They approach as friends and in broken common say they have been waiting for the party and ask that they come with them

The Lyrune-Quah

  • Party is led north and finds a small temporary camp with of about 15-20 individuals preparing for a meal
  • Introduced to elderly blind woman with a light magical aura surrounding her
  • Varajsha immediately recognizes her as a seer and asks for her visions
    • Darkness rising, death flying down the mountain towards the plains
    • A light-filled bird with a tail of many colors sending shadows fleeing. Bird was seen approaching a palace in the sky atop a mountain from a river which is how the clan found the party
  • After dinner a bowl of some pungent liquid is passed around the circle and offered to each member in turn
  • They all drink but only Orn and Varajsha have visions
  • Fully engulfed in darkness, falling floating slowly, see stars ahead, see a spinning ring ahead, discern it to be spinning swords, pass through ring and have skin ripped off, flayed, blood, erupt from water, now rising towards night sky, see dim blue planet, turn, blood streaming off body into ring below, surface of water rising like fabric with ring at center, swords turn upwards and form something like a spinning crown atop bulge, and wake.
The Plum & Pavement
  • Approached by captain of the city guard for info
  • Staying with Harmut
  • Stop at his local haunt, the Plum & Pavement, for drinks
  • Rumors and intel
    • Rumblings about Nirmathas hiring assassins to kill the Imperial Governor, Teldas
    • Older couple, McIlhennys, tell of crime in the neighborhood
    • Farmsteads and villages attacked by Orc raiders to the south. Mention of a red eyed monster
  • Orn offends Harmut (Orc) and fight almost breaks out
  • Drinking contest instead, well done Zola for diffusing the situation (Orn barely beats Chebbel)
  • Everyone is pretty sloshed except Varajsha who didn’t take part
  • Stumbling down the street back to Harmuts
  • Street light is out and Zola sees figure in alley
  • FIGHT with Tiefling rogues. They have serious advantage with darkness and manage to escape and inflict some serious injuries to party
  • House being robbed was the McIlhennys. Son and wife are dead. Husband is saved.
  • Chebbel runs off to fetch city guard
  • Party is devasted by death and loss and forlornly head to Harmuts
  • Morning brings some elite guard looking for party
  • Governor Teldas requests an audience with the individuals who confronted the assassin on the street
  • Just outside palace walls is man in stockade for having ordered the ballista shot
  • wip
Festival of Abadar

Players are all in the Square of Abadar taking part in the street fair to celebrate the annual festival of Abadar. Stalls, merchants, kiosks, and games abound. There are three gorgeously carved statues within the square. Cafes litter the side streets and outdoor seating areas are packed with people enjoying the sites.

  • Zola finds shooting gallery and easily hits the 10 targets for some cash
  • Orn takes a turn in the fighting ring with Harmut and crits him, twice!
  • Zola and Chebbel see Orn fight and move in to meet
  • Varajsha is sociializing across the square with some carousers and notices a Varisian street kid pick a pocket.
  • He tracks him through the crowd to the tented pavilion where a crowd can be heard and approaches the urchin mentioning that “He knows what he’s doing”
  • Kid bolts right into Orn, Zola, and Chebbel who think Varajsha is attacking him.
  • Whole party meets, clears up misunderstanding, and are approached by the cage match officiator to fight.
  • After some dispute over Chebbel’s dog and the not valorous intent of the ‘fight’, an agreement is made whereupon the officiator promises to end the fighting, as well as pay Orn (if obviously does not think the two will prevail)
  • Orn and Chebbel enter the ring and the wheel of challenge is spun.
  • Odds are set 15:1 against
  • A crate with 6 goblins is dragged out and released into the cage.
  • Unbeknownst to the players, or anyone for that matter, Varajsha evil eyes the goblins to lower their armor and attack, all the while cackling.
  • Zola sneaks into the back room to find crates of goblins, flash beetles, and a pseudo-dragon.
  • She approaches the dragon, feeds it some of the goblin meat sitting out, and is telepathically told that it was captured.
  • Tries to sneak back out into the main tent, but is seen by an assistant. Luckily, the fight is at its climax and he shirks her trespassing off since her hands are empty.
  • The fighters are grievously wounded, but through Orn’s healing channel energy and Chebbel’s reach, they prevail, albeit barely
  • Chebbel demands the cage matched be stopped
  • Orn demands his 100gp
  • Officator resentfully pays and starts to laugh at Chebbel’s demands
  • All are interrupted by chruch bells from the square and head out
  • Priest of Abadar stands atop the temple steps and speaks of the hardships of war, esp with Nirmathas, and gestures to the Nirmathan orphans and refugees standing around him
  • Varajsha hears something like a boom from the vicinity of the Imperial Castle
  • City guard whistles can be heard in the distance shortly following
  • Zola sees a figure sprinting across the roofs of the south square and releases a shot
  • Chebbel sees another running along the northern roofs
  • City guards pour into the square from the direction of the castle pointing at the roofs and shooting crossbows at the sprinters
  • A third is seen leaping a gap, a whooshing sound is heard and then the cornice of the building the man was landing on explodes with the strike of a ballista bolt from the castle walls
  • The man appears to strike a wall and then slowly and unnaturally drops down into the no ripped open back tent area
  • Zola sprints to the rescue of the pseudo-dragon to be confronted by a riotous room
  • Crates were smashed crushing and releasing goblins and beetles. The dragons crate lies untouched in front of her
  • But an ominous figure clad all in black, kama in one hand, shuriken lining his sides, with what appears to be a skull tattooed on his face stands in front of her
  • He leaps atop a crate and kicks her in the chest.
  • She backs off to shoot while city guards, the officiator, Harmut, Varajsha, and Orn come running into the tent
  • Chebbel climbs atop the statue of Iomedae telling citizens to get back out of the square to stay away from danger and all listen
  • Quick battle ensues with assassin beating the living hell out of the city guards and then escaping out the back entrance that the goblins broke open behind him
  • Jumps almost straight up 20’ and quickly climbs back to the roofs and escapes
  • The group of newfound companions regroups in the square only to witness the returning mob taking their fear and aggression out on the Nirmathian refugees.
  • Abadar priest takes a rock int he head as the crowd presses forward
  • Chebbel charges in atop his dog and berates the citizens for their lack of empathy and valor
  • His words strike a chord in everyone and they slink away
  • Priest commends Chebbel and the group for their courage and proceeds work around the rubble healing those in need

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