The Exiled

The Plum & Pavement

  • Approached by captain of the city guard for info
  • Staying with Harmut
  • Stop at his local haunt, the Plum & Pavement, for drinks
  • Rumors and intel
    • Rumblings about Nirmathas hiring assassins to kill the Imperial Governor, Teldas
    • Older couple, McIlhennys, tell of crime in the neighborhood
    • Farmsteads and villages attacked by Orc raiders to the south. Mention of a red eyed monster
  • Orn offends Harmut (Orc) and fight almost breaks out
  • Drinking contest instead, well done Zola for diffusing the situation (Orn barely beats Chebbel)
  • Everyone is pretty sloshed except Varajsha who didn’t take part
  • Stumbling down the street back to Harmuts
  • Street light is out and Zola sees figure in alley
  • FIGHT with Tiefling rogues. They have serious advantage with darkness and manage to escape and inflict some serious injuries to party
  • House being robbed was the McIlhennys. Son and wife are dead. Husband is saved.
  • Chebbel runs off to fetch city guard
  • Party is devasted by death and loss and forlornly head to Harmuts
  • Morning brings some elite guard looking for party
  • Governor Teldas requests an audience with the individuals who confronted the assassin on the street
  • Just outside palace walls is man in stockade for having ordered the ballista shot
  • wip


gubs gubs

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