The Exiled

Into the Mindspin


  • Camp breaks, Lyrun Quah head north and party travels half the day to gates of Kraggodan.
  • Welcomed at gate as caravan but quickly seen to be adventurers.
  • Negotiate down day pass into city
  • Varajsha immediately uncomfortable by confining vaults and mostly underground city
  • Meet Kyrun, a city guard, who hits on Zola constantly.
  • Informs party of Temple to Torag and Society Hall

Temple of Torag

  • Priest speaks with party briefly about:
    • with trade route now open thru the Bloodsworn Vale, Skelt doesn’t trade as much
    • Most recent caravan never arrived and the city is crumbling due to slovens
    • 3rd prince Gregor, a member of the Pathfinder Society, can probably be found recounting his old adventures at the Society Hall
  • Party is blessed by priest

Society Hall

  • Enter great hall with countless tables and chairs and beer flowing freely
  • Patroness points out Gregor who is an incredibly fat but solid dwarf standing atop a table telling a joke.
  • Party approaches raucous, sees many other dwarves enjoying Gregors tale and a lone human sitting next to him
  • Easily befriend Gregor with tales of adventuring. He really wants team to join Society, but they describe time-crunch and urgent need of equipment
  • Chebbel manages to get Gregor to elaborate on an off-hand comment he made and learns that the 2nd Prince was recently robbed and a servant saw a black clad figure literally jump out of a tower window and “float” down along the exterior wall into the dark mist below
  • An ornate dagger was stolen that was thought to be a relic of the Dark Lands.
  • Team recognizes similarity between desciptions
  • Call over merchant and party follows him to his shop and buys climbing gear and warm equipment. Varajsha also purchases a midwifery kit.
  • Return to hall. Gregor is now truly inebriated. Kyrun is there but deflated by Zola’s wit and knife. She is interested in the human sitting near Gregor.
  • He’s a shady and strange man who calls himself the Shadow and seeks entrance to the Dark Lands, but the city has shut the gates due to recent attacks by dark things.
  • Very strange that anything would be near those gates
  • Chebbel mentions stolen dagger and Shadow, intrigued, immediately leaves
  • Party stays the night and departs for the northern pass early the next day
  • Stop at Gregors tower, find him very hung over but still congenial

Road north

  • Two days north the party finds the remains of Blufton. City has been ravaged. Blood and guts lie everywhere, but no bodies are to be found
  • Easily track ogre prints and blood towards mountain range and find cave
  • Out front are two ogres playing with bodies. One throws, the other swings a tree trunk, hideous laughter follows.
  • Team prepares for battle and efficiently draws in and defeats the large foe.
  • A pregnant female ogre rushes out of the cave hearing the fight, but with her brother lovers near death, she also falls to the party’s blows.


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