The Exiled

Hit the road

Before leaving Canorate

  • Shown to Imperial Armory and allowed one item a piece in preparation for the journey
  • Stop at Temple of Abadar to speak with priest about the Shoanti clans
  • He is quite helpful and tells them of the 7 known Shoanti clans:
    • Skoan-Quah, the Skull Clan, which Allanon believes to be the assassins from Zola’s description, were thought to have been killed off at the Bloodsworn Vale in bloodiest battle of Everwar;
    • Shadde-Quah, the Axe Clan, are a proud, sea-faring peoples who settled upon the cliffs and vales of the Calphiak Mountains in western Varisia.
    • Shundar-Quah, the Spire Clan, reside upon the highest peak of the Mindspin Mountains and are known to be diplomats, especially between other clans;
    • Lyrune-Quah, the Moon Clan, not much is known other than nomadic peoples and rumored amazing archers
    • Shriikirri-Quah, the Hawk Clan, possesses the strongest animal affinity. Ever learning from the beast with whom they share the land, the Hawk Clan is perhaps the most peaceful of the quahs, and they serve as the emissaries between their people and the Chelaxians in the south
    • Sklar-Quah, the Sun Clan, are by far the most xenophobic of the Shoanti clans, the fierce members of the are almost constantly at war. Whether they fend off the orcs from Belkzen or the Chelish invaders of the south, the Sun Clan has learned to use the heat and fire of the Cinderlands as much as a weapon as it is a hardship for themselves
    • Tamiir-Quah, the Wind Clan, are among the most territorial of the Shoanti people. They make thei home in the mountains of northern Varisia, and may the gods help anyone who threatens these areas

On the road

  • Easy travel north the first two days
  • A badly placed camp on the second night brings Tengu bandits, easily defeated
  • Party reaches a small fairly lawless trading town, simply called the Crossroads, early the next day
  • Chebbel seeks out a lawman and finds a sleeping badged man next to some cages who appears to be out cold
  • Varajsha, remembering the town, recommends they head to the Arrogant Bastard, a rowdy casino/bar/inn
  • Meet Bart the barkeep
  • Learns they came up from Canorate and mentions he heard Teldas was murdered by living skeletons
  • Chebbel begins to tell him about what really happened and Varajsha cuts him off
  • Orn & Zola try to find out where they can sell the Tengu gear and negotiate an okay price
  • Varajsha lies about being hired by Thelau to protect establishment for better sale
  • Bart sends his assistant Levi to ask Thelau and Varajsha takes off running
  • Orn and Zola follow
  • Chebbel stays behind to gather more info
    • learns about dragons to the west
  • Chebbel and Harmut meet goatherd on way out of town and get more info
  • Party seeks out giant lizards, finds, and dispatches
  • Cross Inkwater River right around dusk and see 3 figures atop a hill to the north
  • They appear to have horns and hold bows and spears at their sides
  • Party waves and 3 figures raise hands and sprint towards party
  • Wearing animal skulls as helmets and bones as armor
  • They approach as friends and in broken common say they have been waiting for the party and ask that they come with them

The Lyrune-Quah

  • Party is led north and finds a small temporary camp with of about 15-20 individuals preparing for a meal
  • Introduced to elderly blind woman with a light magical aura surrounding her
  • Varajsha immediately recognizes her as a seer and asks for her visions
    • Darkness rising, death flying down the mountain towards the plains
    • A light-filled bird with a tail of many colors sending shadows fleeing. Bird was seen approaching a palace in the sky atop a mountain from a river which is how the clan found the party
  • After dinner a bowl of some pungent liquid is passed around the circle and offered to each member in turn
  • They all drink but only Orn and Varajsha have visions
  • Fully engulfed in darkness, falling floating slowly, see stars ahead, see a spinning ring ahead, discern it to be spinning swords, pass through ring and have skin ripped off, flayed, blood, erupt from water, now rising towards night sky, see dim blue planet, turn, blood streaming off body into ring below, surface of water rising like fabric with ring at center, swords turn upwards and form something like a spinning crown atop bulge, and wake.


gubs gubs

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