The Exiled

Festival of Abadar

Players are all in the Square of Abadar taking part in the street fair to celebrate the annual festival of Abadar. Stalls, merchants, kiosks, and games abound. There are three gorgeously carved statues within the square. Cafes litter the side streets and outdoor seating areas are packed with people enjoying the sites.

  • Zola finds shooting gallery and easily hits the 10 targets for some cash
  • Orn takes a turn in the fighting ring with Harmut and crits him, twice!
  • Zola and Chebbel see Orn fight and move in to meet
  • Varajsha is sociializing across the square with some carousers and notices a Varisian street kid pick a pocket.
  • He tracks him through the crowd to the tented pavilion where a crowd can be heard and approaches the urchin mentioning that “He knows what he’s doing”
  • Kid bolts right into Orn, Zola, and Chebbel who think Varajsha is attacking him.
  • Whole party meets, clears up misunderstanding, and are approached by the cage match officiator to fight.
  • After some dispute over Chebbel’s dog and the not valorous intent of the ‘fight’, an agreement is made whereupon the officiator promises to end the fighting, as well as pay Orn (if obviously does not think the two will prevail)
  • Orn and Chebbel enter the ring and the wheel of challenge is spun.
  • Odds are set 15:1 against
  • A crate with 6 goblins is dragged out and released into the cage.
  • Unbeknownst to the players, or anyone for that matter, Varajsha evil eyes the goblins to lower their armor and attack, all the while cackling.
  • Zola sneaks into the back room to find crates of goblins, flash beetles, and a pseudo-dragon.
  • She approaches the dragon, feeds it some of the goblin meat sitting out, and is telepathically told that it was captured.
  • Tries to sneak back out into the main tent, but is seen by an assistant. Luckily, the fight is at its climax and he shirks her trespassing off since her hands are empty.
  • The fighters are grievously wounded, but through Orn’s healing channel energy and Chebbel’s reach, they prevail, albeit barely
  • Chebbel demands the cage matched be stopped
  • Orn demands his 100gp
  • Officator resentfully pays and starts to laugh at Chebbel’s demands
  • All are interrupted by chruch bells from the square and head out
  • Priest of Abadar stands atop the temple steps and speaks of the hardships of war, esp with Nirmathas, and gestures to the Nirmathan orphans and refugees standing around him
  • Varajsha hears something like a boom from the vicinity of the Imperial Castle
  • City guard whistles can be heard in the distance shortly following
  • Zola sees a figure sprinting across the roofs of the south square and releases a shot
  • Chebbel sees another running along the northern roofs
  • City guards pour into the square from the direction of the castle pointing at the roofs and shooting crossbows at the sprinters
  • A third is seen leaping a gap, a whooshing sound is heard and then the cornice of the building the man was landing on explodes with the strike of a ballista bolt from the castle walls
  • The man appears to strike a wall and then slowly and unnaturally drops down into the no ripped open back tent area
  • Zola sprints to the rescue of the pseudo-dragon to be confronted by a riotous room
  • Crates were smashed crushing and releasing goblins and beetles. The dragons crate lies untouched in front of her
  • But an ominous figure clad all in black, kama in one hand, shuriken lining his sides, with what appears to be a skull tattooed on his face stands in front of her
  • He leaps atop a crate and kicks her in the chest.
  • She backs off to shoot while city guards, the officiator, Harmut, Varajsha, and Orn come running into the tent
  • Chebbel climbs atop the statue of Iomedae telling citizens to get back out of the square to stay away from danger and all listen
  • Quick battle ensues with assassin beating the living hell out of the city guards and then escaping out the back entrance that the goblins broke open behind him
  • Jumps almost straight up 20’ and quickly climbs back to the roofs and escapes
  • The group of newfound companions regroups in the square only to witness the returning mob taking their fear and aggression out on the Nirmathian refugees.
  • Abadar priest takes a rock int he head as the crowd presses forward
  • Chebbel charges in atop his dog and berates the citizens for their lack of empathy and valor
  • His words strike a chord in everyone and they slink away
  • Priest commends Chebbel and the group for their courage and proceeds work around the rubble healing those in need


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